Welcome to Taylor Lab!

Our research focuses primarily on how terrestrial plants respond-to and influence the environment in which they exist. How will terrestrial ecosystems respond to anthropogenic global change? Will increased plant growth help mitigate human CO2 emissions, or will plant growth be limited by some other resource? How will changing climate, CO2 concentrations, and disturbance regimes influence plant production, resource acquisition, and community structure? How do we incorporate answers to these questions into global Earth System Models? While primary focus is given at the ecosystem scale, these questions require us to view the world at the molecular, the individual physiological, and the community scales as well.  Taylor lab research involves each of these levels of scope in persuit of a better understanding of the terrestrial biosphere.

Taylor Lab Value Statement

We believe that great science is built on the pillars of inquiry, reason, and ethics. These pillars transcend the boundaries of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. Diversity, after all, is the greatest wonder of the natural world.